New York, US | 2000


The international status of the AIA headquarters in New York demands a public and civic presence commensurate with the ever widening goals of the institution in the 21st century. Not merely a headquarters or a club, this facility must extend its reach to embrace the life and activities of the city, while encouraging the active participation of its members in setting indispensable to their practice. It must embody all of the openness of a public space yet not simply acquiesce to a notion of the everyday. For it serves not just an abstract public but an interested one - a public interested in architecture. Architecture. as opposed to mere building derives its raison d'etre as a living embodiment of thought and culture. The architecture of the AIA must above all not be a reiteration of known formulas or of bland corporate inertia. In short the presence of this institution must be radically rethought so as not to perpetuate yet another gray and moribund space without life or hope.

Project Info

Competition Entry  |  Type: Exhibition, Auditorium  |  Structure: Concrete, Steel, Glass


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Nona Yehia, Wolfgang Gollwitzer


Interns and Assistants

Kari Smith, Alexandra Ultsch, Gernot Riether, Birgit Schoenbrodt

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