Abu Dhabi, UAE | 2008


The Alamar represents a new paradigm in the live/work tower. The conventional mixed use tower solution simply stacks residential units over office floors, the only difference being a change in the floor to floor heights, essentially forcing two uses within a single unchanging envelope. This results in a homogenizing effect on the architecture - an average that benefits neither the homeowner nor the office worker. The Alamar is different - it is a building designed from the inside out. Each type of user, the office worker, the homeowner, the retailer, and the public have been considered. In short; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Office spaces have been designed with an eye towards maximizing natural light and space without sacrificing economy and efficiency. Visual and direct proximity to a podium landscape will provide a welcome balance to the office environment. The residential units are unlike any available - rather than repeating time-worn models we have designed the residences more like discrete mini-villas. Each is unique in plan, orientation and spatial arrangement yet part of a coherent and efficient overall system; light, space and views are stylishly maximized. The Alamar combines unique variation in its architecture coupled with systematic coherence allowing for a diverse set of uses such as living, working, and playing occurring within a unified and striking envelope. The Alamar will be a strong icon, a landmark building for Abu-Dhabi, and the world.

Project Info

Invited Competition  |  Type: Office and Residential  |  Structure: Concrete Core, Steel, Glass


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Wolfgang Gollwitzer


Interns and Assistants

Robert Soendergaard

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