Leipzig, Germany | 2002


The concept of the new central building is based on a "proto-urbanistic" morphology- a new typology, larger than a building yet smaller than a city. This mega building smoothly integrates the urban elements of factory, landscape and infrastructure into a coherent spatial unity. The resulting composition engenders effects that are greater than the sum of its parts. Instead of simply assigning each function to its own area as in a conventional master plan, our concept of spatial overlap provokes a level of interaction that cannot be achieved through mere juxtaposition. The central building is essentially a synthesis of infrastructure and landscape; this depends upon an intensive interconnectivity among all scales of its components. The permeable roof structure is a central design element of the project creating both a vertical and horizontal connection to the landscape. Our overall spatial concept is based upon the daily routines of work, social interaction, and recreation. Within the flux of use, fixed elements such the locker rooms, restaurants, and training center are used as zones of attraction and communication, thus enhancing the degree of interactivity.

Project Info

Finalist International Competition  |  Type: Factory, Office, Automobile Showroom, Garden  |  Structure: Concrete, Glass, Steel


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Rhett Russo, Eva Perez de Vega Steele, Otto Chaslin


Interns and Assistants

Akira Nakamur, Keigo Miki, Akiko Eto, Kei Haraguchi, Kristina Zahakos


Structural Engineer

ARUP. Cecil Balmond, Charles Walker, David Johnston, 77 Water St, New York NY 10005 USA


Mechanical Engineer

ARUP. Mahadev Raman, PE. 77 Water St, New York NY 10005 USA


Architectural Consultant

Studio GA. Hans Gollwitzer, Wolfgang Gollwitzer. Auenstr. 28 | 80469 München Germany


Landscape Design



Model Fabricator

Yuskue Obuchi, Akari Takebayashi, Hideto Aoki, Ian Gordon, Jason Scroggin, Tom Chan

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