Bucharest, Romania | 1996


Our plan endorses new urban morphologies located at zones of systemic conflict between a proposed high-speed vehicular loop and the contexts it crosses. The loop traverses the length of the Palace axis effectively linking areas laid waste by the 1980's interventions. It will serve to revalue the totalitarian effects of the axis through a two--fold process: 1: Destituting its symbolic trajectory with the 'lateralizing' capacities of the highway (along with large systems derived programs; shopping malls) and 2: by tempering the brutality of the highway by burying it under a mounded park. The the proposal depends upon the capacity of these morphologies to mediate between global systems of transport and exchange and specific sites in the city. The revitalisation of Bucharest depends upon powerful forces of cultural and economic transformation engendered by a cosmopolitanizing infrastructure rather that by a provincial contextualism.

Project Info

Length of Axis: 3.5 Kilometers  |  Modalities: Subway, Trucks, Cars, Pedestrians  |  Type: Urban Planning  |  Territory: Central Bucharest Raised Areas Remaining from Massive Demolition in the 1970's-80's  |  Structure: New Highway System, Interchanges, Multiple Large Scale Structures


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Interns and Assistants

Tod Rouhe, Rhett Russo, Ali Rahim, Steve Chen, Jose Sanchez, David Ruy, Greg Merriweather

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