Cardiff, England | 1994


The project involves the opera house in the historical and spatial configuration of Cardiff's inner harbor area by constituting the project as a series of infrastructural events. The nature and limits of the house are redefined at both extremes of its scale: as an integral part of the city and its environs, and as a setting for a stage performance. The building is not understood as an isolated monument but as an open cultural form that is capable of meeting imperatives and needs like the docks, tunnels and roads that structure the harbor itself.

Project Info

Type: Opera House  |  Structure: Two-hinged Arch System/Steel Frame Construction Geodetic


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Interns and Assistants

John Kelleher, Jun Takahashi, Taiji Miyasaka, Don Keppler, Terry Surjan, Hideki Tamura, Rhett Russo, Jason Payne, Yama Karim

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