Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE | 2012


FB Village is conceived as a five start beach resort to vitalize a prominent waterfront complex and communities along Jumeirah Road in Dubai. Adjacent to the hotel, the Food and Beverage Pavilion will house three to four stand-alone restaurants, and will attract the world’s most prominent chefs, forming a hub for sophisticated dining in Dubai. The restaurants will share a two-floor complex built to entertain a variety of cuisines, as well as indoor and outdoor dining options.


The Food and Beverage Pavilion building will be positioned off of Jumeirah Beach Road – the main thoroughfare bisecting the burgeoning community – and will therefore be the most visible element of the complex to the street. As such, the architectural language is crucial in establishing the building’s prominence within the cityscape, as well as crafting an iconic culinary and architectural destination.


Several exciting restaurant ventures have set a new standard for the Dubai dining scene in the recent past. The proposal for the Food and Beverage Pavilion must therefore be groundbreaking, innovative and memorable. In addition to creating an iconic form, the architects must collaborate closely with the Interior Designer to integrate the interior layouts, create an exciting entry, interesting circulation spaces and a compelling synergy between the interiors and exteriors. The design may take liberties for building heights, and relationship with the site:  the building need not heed to the more traditional vernacular established by the adjacent hotel. It must instead overcome the set precedent with a creative interpretation of the figure-ground relationship and programmatic distribution.


The building will sit against a heavily landscaped backdrop which will also serve as the passageway between the denser, urban conditions along Jumeirah Beach Road, and the more intimate scale appropriate for the fine-fare establishments housed in the core.  The space must therefore strive to work simultaneously from the inside-out, and the outside-in: seamlessly integrating the wants of the human and urban scales.

Project Info

Finalist International Competition  |  Type: Specialty Restaurant  |  Structure: Hybrid System


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Juan De Marco, Hillary Simon, Massimiliano Orzi


Architectural Consultant

Khalid Al-Najjar, DXB Lab, Dubai and DXB Lab, Dubai

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