flux room

New York, US | 2002


The Flux room is a flexible space modulation machine designed to register the changing effects of magnetic fields. We conceive of an installation mounted in a space measuring approximately 3m high by 3m wide by 5m long. Suspended within this room are approximately 4000 equally spaced magnetic needles loosely attached to tensioned nylon line so as to move freely in the X Y and Z-axis. The magnetic fields are generated by a series of solenoids located within the space. The solenoids are linked by a control system, which can modulate the strength of the magnetic fields given off by the solenoid array, so as to produce a range of rhythmic flows through the needles in the space. We envision the space as an interactive one. Visitors will be able to walk along a path among the needles and through their presence effect the organization of the field. This may be achieved in two ways; first, through bodily interference with the magnetic field, and second by having the visitor activate sensors which in turn send signals to change a certain area of the field. In general, we envision a highly mobile installation which can generate a wide range of field effects, for example schools of fish; wind on fields of grain, clouds, vortices, etc.

Project Info

Scale: 3x3x5meters  |  Type: Installation  |  Structure: Magnets, Copper Wire, Styrene, Luminescent Paint


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Yusuke Obuchi, Jason Scroggin


Interns and Assistants

Joshua McKeown, Akari Takebayashi, Hidekazu Ota, Eva Perez de Vega, Rhett Russo



Stephan Rutishauser, Stephan Vary, Akira Nakamura, Ian Gordon, Alver Mensana, Joon Bae Park, Aki Eto, Keigo Miki, Tomas Klassnik


Structural Consultant

Charles Walker and Karsten Theim from Ove Arup and Partners, London


Mechanical/software product design

Chris Corcoran of Corcoran Engineering and Andrew W. Goldenson


Graz Installation Team

Professor Shigeru and Assistant Professor Keisuke Kitagawa with the Students of Nagoya Institute of Technology: Kenji Nonobe, Kenichi Takaoka, Jun Kawase, Masayoshi Usui, Sumio Kumagai, Yuji Miwa, Makiko Asai, Ryoko Kosaka, Takashi Saito, Toshiyuki Ogawa, Akiko Sasano, Aika Yamakita, Hironori Suzuki, Takashi Sobue

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