New York, US | 2007


The Highline Hotel, located on 10th Avenue between 21st and 22nd St. in New York City, is a new boutique hotel and exclusive retail center for Chelsea. The Highline Hotel consists of six stories of hotel rooms and a retail and restaurant complex, and is also located directly adjacent to the new High Line Park, a preservation and reuse project focusing on a 1.5 mile, elevated railway that runs along the West Side of Manhattan. Parking for the hotel complex is provided in two garages under street level. At street level and the first floor level (G+1), the building contains shops and services, and a restaurant which can be accessed from both the street level and the park level. At the park level (G+2) the plaza area is carved away from the overall building volume, allowing natural light and air into the core of the building. The resulting circulatory system of ramps and public plazas feed into the lower retail and restaurant complex and extend out into the landscape of the Highline Park. Above this public zone, four additional stories of hotel cantilever over the plaza, contributing to a total of 114 standard rooms and 23 luxury suites. Because of the restrictive zoning envelope, the skin of the building is designed to produce great effect within a very small space, maximizing building efficiency. It is comprised of a system of double-sided shaped fins, attached at the slabs, which reveal changing gradients of color and light as one moves by the building. As such, the backlit fin system appears to change continuously, whether seen from a static or dynamic position.

Project Info

Finalist International Competition  |  Gross Floor Area: 90,207 sq ft  |  Type: Boutique Hotel and Retail Center  |  Structure: Multiple, Layered Facade


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Kutan Ayata, Mitsuhisa Matsunaga, Cooper Mack, Michael Overby, Roland Snooks

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