Doha, Qatar | 2014


The High-End Serviced Residences Complex in West Bay provides ultra-luxe residences and plentiful amenities. The complex is organized around a central activity area, allowing circulation to move through the center of the site, rather than along the edges. This allows all the focal points and common areas of the complex to be directed inward, further reinforcing the community feeling, while still providing privacy and spacious accommodations for residents.


The apartments and townhouses are organized in a folded linear building which wraps and cradles a centrally located activity area and clubhouse. The upper levels consist of mostly apartments; the lower ground level of the clubhouse is organized into a “clubhouse village” and pool deck, with amenity programs in pods underneath the upper apartment bar building. This allows a free-flowing commercial and recreational area to concentrate activity and draw residents in from the neighboring areas, while still being under shade, and allowing for a vista of the central green open space. Included in the clubhouse village are a fitness center, pool changing rooms and towel rooms, small snack areas and retail facilities.

Project Info

Type: Planning  |  Structure: Multiple


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Michael Overby, Neil Cook, Hilary Simon, Ryosuke Imaeda, Xian Lai


Interns and Assistants

Masato Kato, Kazuma Asakura, Sylvia Lee


Architectural and Structural Engineer

Engineering Consultants Group S.A., Doha

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