Doha, Qatar | 2014


Making optimal use of its compact site, the crystalline silhouette of the building splits along the central axis to the Main Lobby. Double-height living spaces along the curtain wall provide spacious, light-filled interiors, while bedroom spaces along the building’s sides are wrapped by external louvers for shade and privacy.


The overall plan of the building directs views from each apartment around Development C, and toward the sea. This split configuration also allows the maximum amount of natural light where all of the units touch at least 2 facades. This 3-dimensional organization allows all of the residences to have both directed views to the sea in the front living spaces as well as screened natural light in the side bedroom spaces. In addition, the 2 & 3 bedroom units are provided with double-height living spaces without compromising the efficiency of the overall layout.


In total, the building houses 30 residences including sixteen 4 Bedroom units, eight 3 Bedroom units, and six 2 Bedroom units. Making use of regular structural bays, each type could potentially be converted into other configurations as well.

Project Info

Type: Residential Tower  |  Structure: Multiple


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Michael Overby, Neil Cook, Hilary Simon, Ryosuke Imaeda, Xian Lai


Interns and Assistants

Masato Kato, Kazuma Asakura, Sylvia Lee


Structural Consultant

Engineering Consultants Group S.A., Doha

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