Dubai, UAE | 2008


Marina Tower, a 35-story retail and condominium tower in the Jumierah lakes district, promises to be one of the most desirable new residences on Sheikh Zayed Road. Located near the Dubai Marina, with frontage on Sheikh Zayed Road, the residential tower takes advantage of its restrictive zoning envelope to create a modular system of units, interchangeable to create multiple combinations of studio, one, and two bedroom units. The tower’s skin is a basic curtain wall, fronted by balconies with floor to floor fins set in front. In this way each unit is provided with filtered natural light. The tower is flanked by a podium bar comprised of ground floor retail and 3-bedroom garden villa units, each with its own internal courtyard. The skin of the podium is similar to that of the tower, using a series of shaped fins with differing gradients of density to create porosity and opacity where needed.

Project Info

Invited Competition  |  Gross Floor Area: 30,337m²  |  Type: Residential Tower  |  Structure: Concrete Core, Layered Facade


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Neil Cook, Michael Loverich, Michael Overby


Interns and Assistants

Shin Koseki

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