Park Ave. apartment - THE EGG

Manhattan, NY, US | 2017


The Egg is a ceramic gallery located in an Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan. Inspired by John Soane's 'house as museum' and room as a container of light and objects, the Foyer became an opportunity to explore interior spaces with compound curvature: their spatial and optical effects and to engage historical precedent conservatively and radically.


The client, an accomplished ceramist, wanted a space to show his extensive ceramic collection. Inspired by his interpretation of Roman amphorae, we suggested a domed space rather than the existing stepped ceiling and straight walls.


We were asked to work within the constraints of an existing neoclassical style apartment where the foyer acted as the primary entrance space and circulation node for the rest of the residence. The room-based organization characteristic of neoclassicism ran counter to our modernist inclination to open up the spaces of the apartment using the device of the free plan. However, upon further consideration, we recognized this as an opportunity to explore and to extend the possibilities of neoclassicism by engaging the convention of the domed foyer. Realizing that the ceramics extended into the space, we projected the domed surface downward along the walls to form a vessel-like concavity that would hold and protect his collection and at the same time act as a reflector on the work.

Project Info

Type: Apartment Renovation |  Structure: Metal Stud Frame


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Michael Overby, Hilary Simon, Ryosuke Imaeda, Jasmine Lee


Interns and Assistants

Boliang Pan, Xian Lai

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