New Jersey, US | 2007


The Princeton University production of Boris Godunov, in 2007, was the World Premiere of the English translation of Meyerhold’s Production of Pushkin’s Boris Godunov. The set design and production for the show was undertaken by a seminar at Princeton University’s School of Architecture, directed by Jesse Reiser and Jeffrey Kipnis. The seminar explored material strategies and optical effects across a range of scales, to produce an engaging set design, rather than simply a backdrop or stage setting. Using surgical rubber tubing, the stage set became as much a part of the performance as the actors, providing an armature for them to perform within, as well as enhancing effects of movement, speed, and depth.

Project Info

Type: Installation/Set Design  |  Structure: Surgical Rubber Tubing

Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Jesse Reiser, Mitsushia Matsunaga (assistant set designer), Diana Lurkovsky, Spyridon Papapetros


Interns and Assistants

Grant Alford, Yan Wai Chu, Chris Cornecelli, Sheena Garcia, Brandon Horn, Steve Lauritano, Marc McQuade, Jessica Reynolds, Anne Romme, Eric Rothfeder, Laila Seewang, Michael Wang


Technical Support

Darryl Waskow, Devon Wessman-Smerdon

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