Long Island, New York, US | 2002


Located on a two acre wooded site, the house design addresses the synthesis of two potentially antagonistic conditions: the modernistic model of the house as a discrete pavilion and a formal and organizational strategy which promotes no clear boundary between building and landscape, inside and outside. We employ topological models which operate at two scales: a volumetric organization which allows continuity between landscape and building and a fine scale surface striation that both integrates and articulates geometry and material as they shift from the intensive space of the interior to the extensive space of the exterior. The concept for the house derives from our interest in looking afresh at Mies van der Rohe's American houses, specifically the typology of the free-standing pavilion. Mies' classical conception of universal space where the lived world is but an approximation of a "higher" idea may be reformulated by shifting the conception of universality away from idealism towards materialism. Thus universal space, for us, becomes the space of ubiquitous difference. The architecture of such spaces rely on diagrams derived from material systems whose repetition establishes a field of similarity that have the capacity to develop internal difference. The Sagaponac house thus has became an extended elaboration of the way in which relations between inside and outside can be actualized through the action of new architectural paradigms on a modernist type.

Project Info

Gross Floor Area: 3000 sq ft  |  Type: House  |  Structure: Steel, Wood


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Matthias Blass, Eva Perez de Vega Steele


Interns and Assistants

Ade Herkarisma, Siran Oki, Akira Nakamura, Hidekazu Ota, Yuzuru Kobayashi, Kenji Nonobe, Mikiko Kajikawa, Yuya Suzuki


Structural Engineer

Robert Silman Associates, P.C. Nat Oppenheimer, Pat Arnett, Tim Shenk


Mechanical Consultant

Ove Arup, New York: Mahadev Raman


Plumbing Consultant

Ove Arup, New York: Igor Kitagorsky


Structure Model/Assistants

Rhett Russo, Jason Scroggin

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